Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog officially closed

Closed!!!!! Unless you really wanna know, ask me in person and I will consider telling u the new URL.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quote of the day:
The grass is always greener on the other side, so don't look!

This time, I am sooooo moving my blog to Livejournal! I can't stand Blogspot anymore!

I will be going missing from now onwards...finals are in 5-6 weeks!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Being a jerk and not realizing it is the worst. Some people are just terribly insensitive.

Why are my emotions like a rollercoaster lately?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not what I wanted

Why did I always get the things I didn't want? It's like ordering coffee and then getting tea. It is a drink all right, but of a different type. I just don't want it unless it's the one I ordered okay. Sigh

But then I need to just tahan and accept it because I am not the one paying for the 'drink'.
But it's the same price so I want coffee!

We're sick of guys

Friend says:
okay A being indicisive and pathetic, B being very nice, call u, give u everything attentions and needs, but, it's ldr =.="
Friend says:
so le?
Friend says:
B can be a faker.... A can be a faker
Friend says:
= guys are fakers
Friend says:
zzzz, ignore them, that conclude well of for everything
Friend says:
i find girl better la
Friend says:
i go date girls =.="
Alice In Wonderland says:
wats ldr
Alice In Wonderland says:
u wanna be a lesbian kah?
Alice In Wonderland says:
i understand ur feeling
Alice In Wonderland says:
well at least girls are more sensitive
Friend says:
ldr = long distance relationship
Friend says:
yea xD
Friend says:
haha, lesbian okay ar, hmmp, cant born a child, adpot lor
Friend says:
just that the society look at you in a different way ma
Friend says:
but at least, they shower u with all the attentions u need and they can talk to u and then they more consistant
Friend says:
dunno le, maybe i should try xD
Friend says:
double kill those fakers..... =.=" tired with guys
Alice In Wonderland says:
Alice In Wonderland says:
lol, ------- ur so funny
Alice In Wonderland says:
can i post this conversation in my blog?
Alice In Wonderland says:
i'll delete the name....
Friend says:
Alice In Wonderland says:
only the back parts?
Friend says:
Friend says:
which part? can kua

Friday, April 3, 2009

Another update after so long....

Hi. I am back again. To you who's reading my entry, thank you very much. Since it's been a long time, I have so many things to tell. But then again, I have so many things to tell that there's basically nothing to tell. Again, it's not really that special.

Updates about me:
  • I have four assignments to work on. All of them reports, and all of them are due next week. (Unless I can coax one the subject lecturers to give an extension)
  • I am totally behind for Circuits and Electronics 2. It's five weeks already but I still have no idea what the subject chapters are about. I've only attended two tutorials over five weeks. Blame it on whoever decided on 8.30am classes.
  • I got scolded by the lab assistant for asking a question yesterday. =(
  • I realize that I'm surrounded by scandalous happenings which I don't know about until it's old news. But maybe it's because I don't go around asking people.
  • I'm moderating the forum for Maths 1. Of course I get paid for it, but its *coughpeanutscough*. But I get to be all superior seeming, you know. XD what a confidence boost.
  • I'm so addicted to Superpoke Pets! The application on Facebook. Please join Superpoke Pets and add me! I will play with your pet everyday and give you things.... *_* (especially you Joyce!)
You know what? Sorry for being so random, but I have many friends/acquaintances with names that start with J. No, totally not kidding. You can check my phone address book. I am bad with names - I don't remember them, I just remember faces but not names. I know that's rude. And when I come across someone who looks really familiar, I know his/her name starts with J but I dunno the letters that come after that. So I go...."" Embarassing, and rude. Finally when I can't remember after a century of thinking I have to ask "what's your name again?"

And the other day right, my friend just told me that he thinks I am quite kiasu because I don't do my homework and copy from my friends' and yet when it comes to finals I do better than them.

I was honestly amused because I've never thought that copy homework then do better than others is classified as a kiasu trait. Me and Joyce always copy homework last time in secondary school what.

But in case other people are also thinking the same too, let me explain myself.

I do believe that if I don't study I'd be stupid, stupider than the average person, actually. Because I found out a long long time ago, lectures don't really do much for me. Maybe they do me some good like around 30% understanding of the topic. Plus I don't really listen to lectures much, so that makes it less than 30%. My attention span is only around 1 hour at most. I need a break after 1 hour. Or else I'd be fidgeting in my seat and pinching my forehead cause I'd be having a headache from all the babbling by the lecturer in front. (they think that using a mic would help students understand better)

Always, I am behind in my uni homework. If the lecturer is teaching topic 2, I'd still have my homework for topic 1 unfinished. And I'd never finish it because basically topic 3 will come and it will all pile up. I only practise on questions when there's a test coming up and I have no choice but to learn it well. Sometimes I don't bother to do homework at all. Usually you pass up homework at a certain deadline, but I totally don't know how to do it (cause I haven't learnt it yet by myself) so I copy lor.

And also, some people claim that I do not answer questions until they ask me. And sometimes when people ask me, I do not answer the question. But when the lecturer ask me, I answer. They say I am hiding information. Kiasu lah, maksudnya.

This is basically because some people just hate to be taught things and if I kepokepo go and teach them, other people looking will say 'Wanna show that she's expert huh'. Of course this does not apply to everyone. People who are understanding of the situation would....well, understand. In short, to avoid people MIS-understanding, I sometimes refrain from telling answers/teaching although I know the answer. Plus taking into account the that I always study last minute, one of the reasons is also, I do not know how to answer the question/unsure - and if I don't teach you the answer it's because I am not sure about it. Do you wanna be taught the wrong thing? You'd get more confused, right? And about lecturer asking me if I know the answer then baru I answer, it's because - well, it's the lecturer! Of course you answer the lecturer, and many times I am lucky cause coincidentally the answer I simply blurted out is correct/close.

I feel that it's so funny that I am explaining all this in my post........

Writing a lost post is quite fun after such a long time. Sorry for not updating for a long time, but it was because work got in the way / I don't have much motivation. I need to be motivated often. I still feel like moving my blog address to Livejournal. That way I can lock my posts. Maybe I'd be blogging more? Can blog more personal stuff cause I can have control over who reads it.

Like about the lab assistant scolding me yesterday.

The thing is way over by now, I decided to try to put it behind me and not take it to heart.....But it was terrible yesterday cause I only have limited people to rant to. And I am not sure should I rant that much. Later people think I like to complain. And I don't know who will be willing to listen and who would be annoyed by my rant. So I try not to, if I can tahan it. If I get a blog which enables locked posts, I can allow access for people that is willing to read my rant. And save the others from getting annoyed. Great right?

And I check Livejournal everyday. It's like my Arashi news center! Honestly I forgot this blog existed. Hence not updating.

Sorry for the uber long post! If you've read until this far without skipping, you must be very patient/like my writing a lot. Hahaha *winks*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to uni again soon~~

Yvonne just reminded me that, we're going back to uni in like, two weeks?

I don't want to!!!!!
When I feel bored with doing nothing and want some work I do feel like I want the semester to start soon...
but when I feel lazy, I just feel lazy.

I can't slack off once it starts, right? I need to do my best.
Doing my best is tiring sometimes.
So can I hold off and continue my holiday please?


On a totally unrelated note, my necklace putus ki. D:
It just caught on something one morning and just putus like that.
I need to get it fixed.